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May 30, 2009

Bye Bye Beach :)

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last minute visit to creperie with playground/bouncy castle just ten minutes up the road!

then last afternoon on our beach and home via Kilcoran Lodge where Ellie showed her true colours by demanding “SPUDS!!!” then nearly fell asleep into them!

Smashing fortnight :)

May 28, 2009

More Shopping and More Beach

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Went to quimper to the tent shop again this morning. Ellie had great fun doing pretend camping in the tents. Daddy bought a kite (again!) and a kit of kite spare parts ;-)

we poked our pink shiny faces back out in the sun late afternoon, just as the locals were heading home all wrapped up. No wind so no kite flying, but lots of sand to play in. The super glue finally took on Brigid’s hat and she kept it on for more than 10 seconds:

Went for dinner on the way home. The fish was raw, but the ice cream had smarties in it:

May 27, 2009

Eating and Beach

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Had a potter around Tregunc this morning, market was on.. just to see our “host town” properly.

Then sun was hot and Brigid was sleepy so we binned all carefully made plans and went to Port Manech beach .. again!

Spent rest of day there including lunch .. just mucking about on the beach :-)

May 26, 2009

Shopping and beach

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Monday we went to Quimper. A nice town where we did the tour on the train:

Ellie had a go on the merry go round:

And we went shopping, luckily we did not have to pay for everything in the trolley ;-)

On tuesday we did a double beach day, in the morning we went to “our beach” and watched some guys kite surfing, then we went to the creperie for lunch if “funny french sandwiches” and on to another beach that we had not been to before. It was quite a windy day which gave us ample opportunity to test our new “beach tent”, all in all a bad hair day, but a great kite day:

All happy and will spleep well!

May 24, 2009

Beach Day with Dan, Ann & Co.

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After a grey start, the day turned to a scorcher and we had a smashing afternoon on “Our Beach” with Dan & Ann and their three.

Guys snorkelling and spearing what we think were rass and crabs. WE overheard tehir conversation, and they seem to think the weather is going to break tomorrow. And when men have spear guns they are always right ;-) . Chris reckons that they don’t actually cach anything, but buy the fish first, after allĀ  none of us really paid too much attention to the catch bags when they were heading out!

Les and Chris a little bit pink this evening :-)

May 23, 2009

Off to Dan’s

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On Friday morning we had breakfast outside in stunning sunshine:

Then we headed off to Dan’s house to see “the boys”, Dan, “the little girl”, and is there a mammy in Dan’s house? (Ann and Mi-a were away on out last visit!) After a slap up lunch we headed off with the kids for a walk along the canal. Big people walked, little people… well:

After a wonderful dinner of home rared pork off the b-b-q and home grown salad the kids all piled into bed, and the adults put the world to rights, then Saturday morning Ellie and Mi-a helped Dan feed the pigs:

and gather the eggs:

While Brigid checked out the underside of the furniture:

before lunch and heading away back to “our house in France”. Stopped briefly in a shop to get a few things, but I think the exertions of the previous two days meant that it was a bridge too far for Ellie:

When we got home Ellie and Chris went to fly the kite on Our beach while daddy watch the men in the “other” come on jumpers win the H cup:

May 21, 2009

Another scorcher

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Another blue sky day today – our pessimistic approach of not bringing shorts or sun cream seems to be paying off!

Started out on our beach for messing and flying kite, no pics we forgot the camera.

After lunch we went to Pont Aven, a picturesque spot. where we tested Brigid’s backpack:

In the middle of the town we saw this:

for an explaination of what it is, Click Here (Video 14Mb)

After 15 minutes of sightseeing, it was time for ice cream….

Quick pitstop on the way home at Port Menec’h beach where Ellie pointed out that “Those people are sleeping on the beach, but they don’t need blankets ’cause they stick their feet into the sand. Do they have breakfast on the beach?” Obviously sun worship is not high on our list of activities!

Home for dinner and bed – Brigid was happy to see bed:

PS – We forgot to point out previously that this house has a Handy low down sink for little girls to wash their teeth…

May 20, 2009

On Our Bikes

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Got kitted out and hit the road today with Ellie and Brigid on back of bikes.

Such preparation to go about 3km and stop for lunch !!!

Anyway, was grand, B took to it fine and more fundamentally she FIT in the seat and helmet .. – obviously we didn’t do anything sensible like trying any of these things before we left.

Then again, it was PEEing before we left so we have an excuse.

Anyway, no pics of bike .. bit awkward .. will rectify ..

Funny French Sandwiches (crepes) in Trevignon:

Cycled home, straight into car for sleep and to beach in Port Manech.

Smashing sun and only light breeze, sandcastles and got feet wet:)

Ice cream after and home for dinner and bed.

See photos of ice-cream and bed, dinner not worth recording ;-(

May 19, 2009

Back to Brittany – first few days

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.. and the French tourist board should pay us to come cause weather has perked up and we’re having a fine time and getting some fine Irish freckles ;)

Left Ringaskiddy Cork Saturday .. had to wait while all people in car park finished their ham sandwiches before boat could leave .. at least that’s what our on-board consultant told us;(

Boat a bit rough, poor ole Ellie got sick a few times .. never used a “sac mal de mer” before they’re great yokes!

Sun 17th
arrived early, settled in grand
lunch outside on barbeque i think
drove around for afternoon, found lots of beaches

Monday 18th

drove lovely little villages/hamlets trying to get smallies to nap
coffee and choccies in pont aven
ended up in port manech, lovely little beach, soft sand unlike “our beach” which is rougher, but still very near and great for running around with kite etc.

Tuesday 19th
Our beach in morning – flew seaweed and bucket anhd shovel and ellie’s shoes on tail of kite!
We’re fine-tuning the weight distribution .. currently favouring weighting tassle seventeen on fishies tail

afternoon drove to beg meil, stayed a while on beach but B not in great form
Suspect we may have been on a suburb of the beach proper but still smashing

Yet again, we seem to have miles and miles of gorgeous beaches to ourselves .. as long as our luck holds with weather, it really is a great time to be here
Except a lot of restaurants closed.
Anyway, that’s all for now

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