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September 27, 2008

Hols in Brittany 9, Home

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On our last night in the gite, a bat flew into the bedroom, Chris saw it, screamed “bat”, and dived under covers. The good thing is It made leaving easier ;-)

Yesterday we packed while Ellie ran around garden, then a quick last trip to OUR beach and hit the road.

Journey absolutely fine.

Au revoir Brittany, we’ll be back:-)



Ellie: “Bye bye waves, we be back tomorrow”

September 25, 2008

Hols in Brittany 8, Last full day in Finistere

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The sun shone for us again .. some cloud too, Autumn has definitely arrived but still warm and pleasant and at least no worries about sunburn and associated lotions and potions!!

We took a wee spin around the peninsula .. looking for some little piers and beaches near us

Then went down across the middle of the peninsula which we hadn’t done before .. lovely little villages with huge old really impressive churches.

Eventually pulled in at a little picnic spot just west of Esquibien and found this gorgeous little beach down a steep path below us.

That was us for the afternoon, sandcastles and kites :-)

Then back around by Pointe du Van and home

Ellie looking forward to going on Aoife’s boat tomorrow .. Mammy and Daddy not so keen ;-(

Brigid having a bad day .. hopefully better tomorrow!

Pics of the day:

Quotes of the day:

“I want to get up on it” (the kite)

September 24, 2008

Hols in Brittany 7, Oceanopolis

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Morning was dry and bright, Les took Ellie to “Our Beach”

Then it rained:

So we went to the aquarium in Brest:

Fishies themselves were impressive but the place had a bit of an out-of-season feel.

September 23, 2008

Hols in Brittany 6, Concarneau

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The weather was supposed to break yesterday but our luck held out

Today we figured we’d surely get the long-promised rain so therefore we’d go to a town/city for the day

We spent the day (well the afternoon) in this fishing town of Concarneau with an old walled “city” on an island in the bay .. full of tourist shops and cafe’s and a nice place to stroll around

The sun shone all day and, nice and all as it was, we’re left feeling we wasted a “beach day”

We’ve confirmed our notion that we are basically just not civilised and belong on a beach with sangers, not on a boulevard with crepes !!! ;-(

Pics of the day:

September 22, 2008

Hols in Brittany 5, Crozon Peninsula

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This will be short and sweet as we’re both yawning our heads off after spending most of the day in the car !

The younger mahons were not impressed with this as you’ll see in the video below

Drove around Crozon Peninsula or “Presque-Ile de Crozon” which we think means “Nearly Island of Crozon” but by that logic half of Kerry would be a “Nearly Island”: We were thinking of getting on to Dingle Town Council proposing “Presque-Ile Dingle Daingean Ui Chuis”;-)

Anyway, scenery lovely and weather held

Quotes of the day:

“Are we going to the beach now?”

“Are we going to the beach now?”

“Are we going to the beach now?”

Pics of the day:

One of many HUGE beaches:

View East from Pointe de Pen-Hir

Church-Door in Roscanvel:

ALL Right Brigid (Video 13 Mb)

September 21, 2008

Hols in Brittany 4, Back to our gite

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Morning in Dan’s place, “the chicken made an egg” for Ellie

Then we all headed for La Baie de Trespasses beach back in Finistere for the afternoon, absolutely scorching, Les very pink tonight!

Chris went swimming hence no pics were taken until some farewell snaps back in our gite at end of day

Ellie will miss her new friends, but was glad to see her bed after two days trying to keep up!!!

Planning on going to see Crozon peninsula tomorrow, while Ellie needs a rest and before weather breaks..

Pics of the day:

The piggy oink oinks are eating all the minga! Even the pigs get special breakfast on sundays, all of the unsold pastries from the local boulangarie! Verry upsetting for a little girl who has just discoved Croisants and Pain au Chocolat to see the pigs eating them. It’s no wonder these type of organically raised animals are called happy pigs!

chicken made this egg for me

Does this chicken make eggs as well?

Time for Dan and the boys to head off after crepes at our gite, just a quick photo to prove we were all together! Thanks guys for a most memorable weekend!

Take me to bed!!!!!!

September 20, 2008

Hols in Brittany 3, “Fun in the country”

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Came to Dan and Ann’s place in Plevin on Friday

Here’s some pics, mostly of Ellie having an absolute hoolie chasing Isaac and Tenzin and Bella the dog around

Unfortunately Ann and Mia are in USA at the moment so we missed them.

Quotes of the day:

“Can I have more ham please?”

“Can I have more apple please?”

“Boys, Boys, BOYS !!!”

Pics of the day:

September 18, 2008

Hols in Brittany 2, La Cap du Raz

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Thursday 18th:
Well settled in

Sun still splitting the stones, can’t believe our luck, Chris gone a little bit pink!

Chris and Ellie went down the beach this morning, building sandcastles and splashing in the waves.

It was a crystal clear morning but Chris didn’t bother bringing camera!

Then we all went to Cap de Raz to see the biggest tourist site around here .. you know that picture of a lighthouse with the waves crashing over and the guy standing in the door?

Well we thought it was that but it turns out it’s not!

We would’ve taken some GREAT photos honest, only we didn’t bother bringing the good camera;-)

Is lovely though, very impressive and the sea is just boiling all around the head, really rough

No wonder they have a big statue to “Our Lady of the Drowned”!!

Walked around the head  then back home and Les and Ellie went down the beach while Chris slaved over a hot stove ;-)

Off to Dan’s tomorrow :-)

Quotes of the day:

None – Ellie whacked and slept most of day in pram !!!

Oh one: “SHHHHH, Gandad’s asleep in his caravan” – don’t know where she dreamt that up!

Images of the day:

La Phare de la Vieille (Vieille Lighthouse) from Pointe de Raz:

End of day on “our” beach:

September 17, 2008

Hols in Brittany 1, Cork –> Roscoff –> Finistere

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First Blog post of the mahons excursion to Brittany on holidays.

Saturday 13th September:

Traveled by Brittany ferries from Cork, arriving Roscoff early (VERY early) Sunday. Super way to travel, hassle free. Thanks to Ellie’s cousin Aoife for sharing her boat, that she used last month fro going to France on her Holidays.

Quotes of the day:
“We’re going to France on our holidays in Aoife’s boat with the car and my bed and then after I can go to my playgroup”
“Ham sandwiches”

Images of the day:

All Packed and ready to go

All Packed and ready for road

The playground on Aoife’s boat

Sunday 14th Sept:

The “breakfast included” option sounded lovely when booking the cabin, but Les was less than enamoured with the knock on the door at 4.30am ;-(

Arrived in Roscoff at 7am and headed off towards the Gite. Thanks to Noel’s GPS this proved a relatively straight forward exercise, though when Chris took over the driving, Les was seen to dive for the Nicotine!

Ellie talked in her sleep all the way. We arrived at the Gite at 9.30 am, and went exploring the locality untill midday when we got the keys.

Had lunch outside in the sun then hit the beach ;-)

Quotes of the day:

“Is this MY new house”
“Is this MY new room”
“Is this MY new bed”

Images of the day:

9.30am Arriving at “our beach” in pors piron

and “our” house

and “our” swing-swong

the service hatch is open:

Mahon travelling circus hits the beach:

Monday 15th Sept:

Found the local town and boulangarie in the morning, only to find it was “fermez le Lundi”, luckily a supermarket supplied the necessary so our first authentic french breakfast was just that.

Went for a drive around the peninsula to get our bearings. found a nice beach between Point de Raz and Point de Van. We had sandwiches there, and a splash in the waves, and then motored on while little people slept.

Quotes of the day:

“NO, NOT the beach in the car, the beach across the road, and no talking about it”

Images of the day:

Sandy Sandwiches on the aforementioned beach

Daddy come ON!

That was nice


Au Revoir Beach

Brigid LIKES France

Tuesday 16th Sept:

Boulangarie was open this morning seeing as how it was no longer Lundi, so breakfast was purchased, and eaten at home. Went to “our” beach for the morning, then home for sandwiches and driving to help the small people sleep.

In the evening back to “our beach for some toe disapearing acts….

Quotes of the Day


Images of the Day

Waiting to go to the beach

“Our Beach” before lunch, low tide

“Our Beach” before dinner

Wednesday 17th Sept:

went to Kersany beach via the boulangerie (fierce hard work the having to go driving for bread every morning!) and had breakfast there. splashed in the waves and made sandcastles. Had the beach to oursleves, no booking your deckchair by towel at 5am here thank you.

Then went for lunch in Audierne, and continued on around the headland, back to the beach between the points that we visited Monday. More waves, more ham sandwiches, and daddy went major splish splash on the boogie board.

Quotes of the day

“Doggy did a wee wee in the pram NEARLY!”

Images of the day

Video: Daddy is KULE (20Mb)

Desperatly trying to prove I’m not a middle aged married man with 2 kids and a patio in progress :-)

Nice beach (Kersany), where’s my ham sandwiches

Daddy COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

French Cuisine

Beach between Point de Raz and Pointe du Van

Ellie thinks Daddy is KULE, the surfers dudes up the beach are creased up laughing

David Bailey working from home

Get out of my photo!

Yeah, yeah, nice sunset, where’s my apple cake?

Brigid happy at days end

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