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June 22, 2009

Brigid’s First Birthday

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We had a barbeque and ATE the rabbit

Only joking (sadly) .. had smashing day in sunshine .. kids played, until big people stole their hurleys … pics to follow when techie bloggie issues sorted out !


June 17, 2009

Bunny in Bed!

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We extended fence around veg patch Monday night to make more room for more beds in time. At it for hours .. concerned about burying it properly etc.

Tonight, (two days later), I (Chris) caught a little fella hopping THROUGH the fence !!!!!!!


He was going for the cabbages mainly. Just hopped straight through the first time, not a bother on him. Second time he had to wiggle his bum a little, diddums, probably because of the weight he gained on his first visit eating about 2 months worth of OUR cabbage;-)

All lovey dovey feelings about cute furry bunnies replaced with yen for greasy stew and new empathy with Glenn Close!

Bucket of stones (rocks, ed.!) outside back door: Am not to be trifled with on this matter

Put up some emergency fencing/cover for the night, off to builders providers for chicken wire tomorrow. Hoping 1.5 to 2 feet of it around bottom of fence will stop little fellas getting through.

Also appealed to google for advice – she recommended “fox urine” as a deterrent. Did not have any to hand, Very remiss of me; I am BAD housewife! Note to self: add “fox urine” to shopping list. In meantime applied best substitute if you follow, It was dark after all by time I’d finished.

No episode of House for this baaaaaaaaaaad housewife tonight.

I repeat:


Pics Here:-(

June 5, 2009

From Patch to Plate

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Well we’re eating lettuce and onions like they’re going out of fashion

Everything growing .. caterpillars seems to be nibbling lettuce but we’ve escaped slugs so far using no deterrant other than the climb into the raised beds!

Our only gripe at the moment is that Ellie’s cabbages are twice the size of ours .. if only she would tell us what abuse she gave them on planting so we could copy her methods ;-)

We dug up A spud to see if it looked promising or a twisted scary knarled knot of evilness (and because Chris forgot to buy spuds for dinner)


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