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November 26, 2009

Yahoo :):):) Brigid Walking !!!

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2009-11-26 – Brigid Walking

2009-11-27 – Brigid Walking Sticks Fall Down

November 8, 2009

Parsons Green Sunday Afternoon

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Nice day out with De Cousins :)

The place was officially closed due toilets being out of order, but they let us in for a ramble anyway, and sure the hens and baby goats didn’t seem to care either way about the loos.

Sugar Pot

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Gandad to Ellie: “You’re a good girl aren’t you Ellie?”

Ellie: “I am”

Gandad to Mammy: Dirty look meaning “see, poor diddums you’re too hard on her”

Ellie: “Except sometimes when you’re not here Gandad, sometimes I’m bold”

Gandad (shocked): “Are you ?”

Ellie(posing): “I am. And then Mammy does this like a sugar pot”

sugar pot

November 1, 2009


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had a smashing night

just went to immediate neighbours

then next door with the deaf dogs were doing fireworks
we didn’t go in cause ellie was HANGING for bed
just watched from out our back

during fireworks there was no barking, no sound of dogs whatsoever, which was surprising
when fireworks finished i sent text “great stuff .. one question, how deaf ARE those dogs”

got reply “Had 2 stop – 1 of dem wit bad heart terrified!”




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