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April 28, 2013

Glanworth beavers champions of the WHOLE of North Cork

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And Brigid the champion big sister after entertaining Conor while all that was going on;)


April 24, 2013

Conor brushing his teeth

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Sort of
Copying the girls
Little spit and all!


April 20, 2013

First Egg!!!!!

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Laying Calves

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Brigid: “Mammy, see those cows in the field”
Mammy: “Yes Brigid”
Brigid: “There’s three of them sitting down. Maybe they’re laying calves.”

April 9, 2013

EllieBrigid Soup

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Night before:


Morning after:


April 6, 2013

Rosie (cat) is afraid of the hens

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April 5, 2013

Note for tooth fairy

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And the Standard Operating Procedure from Ellie:

Who’s grumpy?

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“Ellie’s a bit grumpy today. She just pushed my leg off her book!”

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